Toronto is the biggest city of Canada and with more than 2.7 million residents; this city has expanded its wings to become a global centre of business and culture. It is also one of the most cosmopolitan cities in today’s world with the majority of the population belonging to one of the many minority groups. The city of Toronto currently consists of as many as 140 neighbourhoods. But as it has grown to become a major metropolis, the cost of living in the city has gradually scaled up. It can be very difficult for newcomers to afford an apartment or single home in the city. Thus condominiums (known as condos) are gradually becoming a popular alternative.

Toronto condos

Condos are apartments or residential properties which are divided in more than one unit and the units are sold to multiple customers. While the residential sections are owned by individuals, the common areas are jointly owned by all the individual residence owners of that particular condo. Toronto condos, as they are called for obvious reasons, are the hottest real estate properties in the city right now.

Let us look at some of the best neighbourhoods in the city where you can look for Toronto condos.

  1. Old Town:

Situated at downtown Toronto, this posh neighbourhood is known for great assembly of retail stores, food places and old buildings.

  • Cabbagetown:

This neighbourhood lies very close to the business and administrative centre at the suburban edge of the centre of the city. Famous for Victorian-era buildings and modern cosmopiltan lifestyles.

Toronto condos
  • Kensington Market area:

This is a colourful street market area that houses an array of diverse communities of Toronto, including the Caribbean, Latin American, European, and Asian people.

  • The Entertainment District:

This is the hub of performing arts and sporting extravaganzas of the city, home to the famous Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

  • Yorkville and Annex:

A nice geographic juxtaposition, these two sister neighbourhoods are the homes of fashionistas and academics. Hippie-turned-hipster Yorkville houses the University of Toronto, but the students mostly hang out in the neighbourhood of Annex which offers cheaper eateries and bookstores.

There are many other factors like price, user agreements and clauses, distance from workplaces and many others, which needs to be considered before buying Toronto condos. We wish you find your dream house very soon.

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