Banca Mediolanum places great emphasis on customer service and their satisfaction. Mediolanum bank support center is a crucial cog in this wheel. They achieve this with the help of following solutions:

Mediolanum bank support center
  1. Family Banker: Family Banker concept of Mediolanum bank support center is quite similar to a family doctor. He/she understands your banking requirements, risk appetite, investment horizons and advises on various matters accordingly. These bankers are qualified professionals having undergone excellent training and are constantly updated. This is critical in order to provide the latest solution to the client.
  2. Banking Center: The easiest way to solve any problems related to your banking needs is to call up the Banking Center of the bank. Behind the call is a team of 400 specialists always ready to help the customer with all their banking problems and queries.
  3. Website: In today’s technological world, website is the first point of contact between a potential customer and an organization. The bank’s website is for both customer as well as non-customers. For non-customers, it provides all the details about the bank, its products and capabilities in the most lucid manner. For customers, it provides all the account details, status of investments, new services and opportunities available to be used.
Mediolanum bank support center
  1. Application: Just like a website, a mobile application goes a long way in making all banking operations for the customer easier. The application is intuitive and easy to use. It is secure and has all the banking operations needed by a customer.
  2. B.Med Voice: This service can be used when the customer is in a hurry and needs to perform certain operation quickly. It connects with a 24/7 automatic answering machine which can quickly assist the customer with their needs.
  3. Partner Bank Services: There are various Partner Banks from where a customer can withdraw or pay in cash and cheque all around the country.

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