Relief From StressIs As Easy As Breathing!

Your Daily Breathing Exercise. Start by lazily stretching, then shaking your arms and legs to loosen them up. Next sit comfortably with your hands on your lap and your feet close together and flat on the floor. Now…breathe in slowly through your nose, and then exhale gently through your mouth. With every exhale, silently repeat the word “relax”, “calm”, or some other similar word. Do this for about 5 minutes, 3 times a day. This technique will instill a “relaxation response” in you that you can use to instantly relax yourself very deeply and profoundly. It has been proven to reduce blood pressure. Take the time to practice. You’ll be glad you did! This handy little technique is simple and invaluable.

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Stretch and Move.

Especially if you work at a desk all day, remember to stand up and stretch. Arch your back and stretch your arms and fingers out to the side. Hold that posture for a moment then, let go. Shake an arm, a leg, the other arm, the other leg, your whole body. Then take a deep breath and let yourself go limp all over. This tip will keep you limber and relaxed.

Chest Massage.

Relax your chest muscles and open up your breathing with a vigorous massage along the midline and across the chest below your collarbone. Finish with this stimulating and strangely invigorating technique…rap the bone in front of your heart 21 times. Use the flat part of your fist between the tips and first knuckles of your fingers to strike the bone firmly. When done properly, you will notice a very pleasant and stimulating sensation around your heart.


Escape! Take a Virtual Vacation. Your mind has soooo much control and influence over your body. Let your eyes close and take a few deep, slow breathes. Perfect! Now daydream. That is, visualize yourself in a place you would much rather be…on a sunny beach, camped in a wooded glade near a waterfall, engaged in your favorite activity, watching a beautiful sunset, or relaxing with the drink and/or person of your choice in a sauna. Simply let your imagination take you away. Try to feel the warm sand under your feet, hear the waves break on the shore, smell the aromatic plants surrounding you. This will enable you to enter your chosen world more completely.

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