For most, guitar chords are the most difficult part of learning how to play. These series of notes can be difficult to remember, and can challenge even the most talented guitarists.

Get The Most from Your Guitar Chord Lessons

When you learn to play guitar chords, you are using multiple fingers and strings at the same time. The combinations can be awkward, and it can be very difficult to retain all of the information that you need. Check out a few videos on a music blog to keep up with the lessons.

A common problem for beginners is hand placement. Many guitarists, when first starting out, get discouraged because they have difficulty getting a clean note. This is especially true of people with larger hands. The reason for this is not about hand size at all, but about hand position.

If you are struggling to learn guitar chords, check the position of the thumb on your fret hand. If your thumb is high on the back of the neck, your position is wrong. It should actually be sitting on the lower portion of the back of the neck, behind the second finger. It will be uncomfortable at first, but it will give you a much better reach at the frets, and a cleaner sound. It is very easy to revert back to old habits, so make sure that you spend some time practicing this position. Concentrate more on your hand position than your playing, and soon, it will become natural to you.

The guitar is very difficult to learn if you do not have the right knowledge or support. For example, if you have a five string chord that you are having trouble with, there are probably two main problems. First, if you are just starting out, attempting a five string chord just doesn’t make sense. This is an advanced technique. Focus on two or three string chords first, then work your way up. Second, correct finger placement is crucial. The trick to learning is having good resources. You can find videos and information on a music blog. Just a small change in finger position can make a huge difference.

The best way to learn guitar chords is with some form of training. However, guitar lessons are not cheap. A music blog can give you many of the same techniques, tips, and lessons that an instructor can, but for much less.

Definitely make sure that you find some form of training. Learning guitar chords is difficult enough without going through everything on your own. If you try to teach yourself, you will be lucky to learn the chords within months. Whether you have the time or money for an instructor, or simply find a few good lessons online, make sure that you have some form of training. Once you have a chance to learn, all you need is practice.

Practice is the most important part of learning to play guitar and chords. You should set aside a half hour a day for practice. While many guitarists have longer practice sessions, beginners tend to get bored very quickly, or start developing bad habits. Once you have developed your technique, you can begin to lengthen your sessions.

Make sure that you have no distractions. Find a quiet room and pick a time of day when you have the most energy. Since chords are such an important part of guitar playing, you should devote half of your practice time exclusively to them. Within two weeks, you should be playing the basic chords like a pro, with clean and easy chord progressions. It takes patience and dedication to learn and master guitar chords, not just knowledge and skill.

Keep in mind that guitar chords and songs are directly related. Once you learn the chords, you can play thousands of different songs, or even write your own.

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