Life is beautiful. So many things to learn; so many places to explore. There is no end to the number of ways in which we can enjoy our lives. It gives us full liberty to be our own authentic selves and do whatever makes our hearts sing.

But sometimes, we get stuck in a rut. With too many things on plate we often end up juggling with our work, relationships and alone time. After failing to maintain a balance, we often fall flat on our faces and ask ourselves, “What am I doing with my life?”

Since childhood, we have so many dreams for ourselves. One day we want to be an astronaut, another day a gardener, and a banker on some days and what not. We truly believed that some day we will achieve whatever we dreamt of and be whatever we wanted to be.

Soon, reality struck and we found ourselves so busy doing things we didn’t want to that we forgot what it felt like to do the things we love. Constant judgment from people, fear of failure and embarrassment kept us away from doing all the things that were actually important to us.

However this question is something that all of us face at a certain time in our life. We all see people talking very passionately about having clarity and how it changed their lives. However no one talks about the confusion that preceded it.

This question is only the beginning of a long and tiresome process of self discovery; so never ignore it.

Once you sit and embrace this confusion and ask yourselves what is important to you and what’s not, all the answers will start coming to you and you will get the clarity that you deserve.

Make sure you have the patience to put in the work for your self-discovery; for a person who knows himself is a person who knows how to win at life. You can check for more information.

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